Located in a central area of Oradea, Casa 3 welcomes you with premium accommodation facilities, in a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere..

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Services and facilities

Breakfast (optional)

Breakfast on request, in colaboration with partner restaurants, we offer the option of serving a la carte breakfast at the property.


In order to stay connected at all times, both the rooms and the relaxation areas are equipped with WIFI internet access, fast and secure.

Self Service bar

We have prepared, especially for you, a special and representative selection of Premium drinks and tastings of local origin, but also international..

Landmarks nearby

All the main tourist attractions are a few minutes away.

Card payment

We accept card payments (normal and contactless) on location.

Premium Catering Kiosk

Casa 3 invites you to browse the menus of our partner restaurants and choose your favorite delicacies, with fast delivery directly to the property.

Casa3 Rooms

Elegance and style

Casa 3 guests enjoy first-class amenities such as automatic air conditioning, cable and satellite TV, a safe, free Wi-Fi, dimmer lamps, charging sockets by the bed, a wardrobe with a bathrobe and slippers.

Uncompromising hospitality

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What our guests said


from U.K.

” At Casa 3 you feel at home! I'm sure I'll be back soon, Oradea is a beautiful city! “


from Scotia

” A personalized experience in Oradea, top services, quality and professionalism! “


from Romania

” I booked the whole property, even if we were only 6 people and I can tell you that it was an extraordinary experience. I would not stay anywhere else, in Oradea. “